Voicemeeter is an application endowed with Virtual Audio I/O and can be used as main audio device by your system, like it was hardware mixing console. VOICEMEETER is free to use, with all functions available. But you are expected to pay your license if you find it useful or if you make any professional use. Voicemeeter now offers VBAN features to send up to 8 audio streams and receive up to 8 ones on any input(s). Just define a destination IP-Address to send. voicemeeter

Click on images to enlarge Aggregation of audio devices and voicemeeter edit ] Voicemeeter makes it possible to mix multiple audio sources from different devicesvoicemeeter, voicemeeter, such as a USB voicemeeter or line input, voicemeeter, voicemeeter, with the sound of PC applicationsvoicemeeter, voicemeeter as a video voicemeeter. Voicemeeter Standard offers two physical inputs and one virtual input, voicemeeter.

Voicemeeter Banana offers three physical inputs and two virtual ones, voicemeeter. Voicemeeter Potato offers voicemeeter physical inputs and three virtual ones. Mixing and real-time processing[ edit ] Intellipan, voicemeeter, the two-dimensional equalizer of Voicemeeter's physical inputs, voicemeeter, voicemeeter, voicemeeter.

Voicemeeter like a voicemeeter mixing console, Voicemeeter allows you to mix and process the different signals in real time with, in particular, voicemeeter, equalizerscompressors and noise gates "Audibility" voicemeeter for Voicemeeter Standard voicemeeter, and gain voicemeeter materialized by vertical sliders, voicemeeter.

For the voicemeeter inputs, voicemeeter, the Intellipan offers equalizers presented in the form of a two-dimensional panel allowing the rapid and almost instinctive correction of the intelligibility of the voice, voicemeeter. In addition, Voicemeeter Banana has an advanced independent equalizer on each of the bus outputs, voicemeeter, voicemeeter.

Multiple outputs[ edit ] The generated audio signals can then be sent separately to several physical speakers, television, voicemeeter, Bluetooth Voicemeeter Standard has voicemeeter physical output and one virtual output. Voicemeeter tux paint has voicemeeter physical outputs and two virtual outputs, voicemeeter. Voicemeeter Potato has five physical outputs and three virtual outputs, voicemeeter, voicemeeter.

Voicemeeter thus voicemeeter it easy, voicemeeter, for example, to voicemeeter your voice, voicemeeter, add music and send all in a conversation via Skype or play 5, voicemeeter. Once these have been configured as default devices, they allow you to perform all previously mentioned tasks voicemeeter avoiding conflicts between voicemeeter devices, voicemeeter.

Programmable control and remote control[ edit ] Voicemeeter is installed with MacroButton, voicemeeter, which allows you to create voicemeeter functions to act on one or more of the settings voicemeeter Voicemeeter voicemeeter with a voicemeeter key keyboard shortcutvoicemeeter, voicemeeter MIDI code, voicemeeter, a threshold on an incoming signal trigger or voicemeeter Xbox controller button XInput.


VoicemeeterRemote API[ edit ] Voicemeeter can be considered as a system audio component that can be used by any application, voicemeeter. An API called VoicemeeterRemote Voicemeeter [7] allows read and write actions on Voicemeeter parameters and thus control Voicemeeter from a program to use voicemeeter as an audio service or as voicemeeter virtual sound card, voicemeeter. A program can thus set up signal voicemeeter callbacks to process voicemeeter sound in Voicemeeter, voicemeeter, voicemeeter.

Documentation[ edit ] Voicemeeter has a dedicated forum and a Discord server, voicemeeter, managed voicemeeter the voicemeeter team voicemeeter expert users. A detailed and regularly updated manual is also available voicemeeter download on the publisher's website.

In addition voicemeeter the software's features, it presents the basic configuration to be carried voicemeeter, proposes practical case studies and provides voicemeeter to the most common problems, voicemeeter, voicemeeter, voicemeeter. Video tutorials [10] are also regularly posted on the Internet by Voicemeeter users, voicemeeter. Distribution model[ edit ] Voicemeeter is distributed under the donationware voicemeeter. The application can therefore be downloaded and used free of voicemeeter, without any limitation of functionalities, voicemeeter, voicemeeter.

The user is then invited to make a donation voicemeeter the developer, voicemeeter, voicemeeter, by selecting the amount of voicemeeter contribution, voicemeeter.


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