LICEcap is an intuitive but flexible application (for Windows and now OSX), that is designed to be lightweight and function with high performance. LICEcap is. LICEcap simple animated screen capture tool for Windows and OS X. · 5k stars forks Activity. An easy-to-use screen recorder! LICEcap is an easy-to-use, popular, and free desktop utility program to capture a specific area of your screen.

Videos have been supported on by all major browsers for almost a decade now. And videos are both smaller in size and provide better interaction licecap viewers, licecap.

Why are we still recording gifs? I don't love how long it takes to load, but if they were videos I had licecap click to play, that licecap be worse. Video, licecap, video buffering, licecap, video with broken skipping, players licecap by ad blockers, licecap, players that take ages licecap load licecap contact tons of sites, licecap, autoplaying video, licecap, video which pops out to licecap and floats over the content, licecap, licecap, video with adverts interrupting playback, licecap, video with overlays interrupting the video, video which stalls midway through, licecap, video which breaks licecap you leave it paused long enough for some session to timeout and it can't resume, video licecap often re-downloads licecap skipping back licecap an already-downloaded section, has been the opposite of a great improvement.

Twitter feeds in a browser where the videos auto-play as you scroll over them, licecap, licecap, but play without sound licecap you have to mute your audio, licecap, unmute the video, licecap, then restart it to licecap whether you missed anything - but if you click wrong it whisks you away licecap load that tweet in a new page and licecap everything including the video muted again - are the worst of all worlds.

Authors can make videos autoplay, licecap, play on licecap or whatever, licecap, licecap. Everything else you complained about can also be present with gifs except the picture-in-picture; licecap is simply licecap a feature animated gifs, licecap.

Your twitter complaints for example is completely invalid, licecap, licecap, gifs cannot play sound at licecap, nor can you start from beginning if you wanted to.

Licecap fact I find it very frustrating to have to wait an entire loop to wait for an instructional gif to start from scratch, licecap videos you can auto-play on scroll, licecap, licecap, you can pause, licecap, you can rewind, licecap, etc, licecap. Load a page licecap a video licecap doesn't play immediately and a gif which doesn't play immediately, licecap, licecap, and it's annoying for both, licecap, licecap, then leave it for a bit and the gif will very likely load then loop so I don't miss it when Licecap look back, the video is as likely to play then autoplay the next 'related' video so if Licecap don't wait, licecap, licecap, I do miss it, licecap.

Gifs tend to sit inside a mobile page while loading, licecap, licecap, licecap play in-place ready to be scrolled back to, licecap. Videos excel to pdf converter to fullscreen when played and then licecap to be waited for, or start playing tiny then have to be fullscreened and restarted to watch, licecap, licecap.


Gifs tend to licecap with pinch-zoom, licecap, licecap don't. It's not that the gif file format mandates that they must loop, licecap, licecap, licecap, licecap that video codecs licecap playlists, but that's what licecap actually do with them and all those things together licecap videos a worse experience licecap anything which doesn't need to be long form video.

Authors don't need to put ads in videos but they do, licecap. I licecap never seen a gif say "an error occurred, licecap, try again later" when I try to unpause it, licecap, licecap, licecap YouTube says several times each day for videos I paused yesterday, licecap.


Authors could replace gif frames with ads but licecap generally don't, licecap, licecap, and licecap done so for years. This means I a never miss something licecap the audio track, licecap, because there isn't one, licecap, licecap. This means gifs can't be a replacement for all video, licecap, nor am I suggesting they should be; only saying I prefer to err on the side of gif licecap than most people, licecap, because the experience licecap generally less annoying not completely licecap. You licecap also no licecap watch licecap YouTube video and licecap your iPhone to keep the audio playing, like you could a few iOS versions ago.


This is licecap to do with video codecs per-se, licecap, licecap, it's just part and parcel of video on the web and the licecap which licecap it and the things people do with it to grab control and commercialise and licecap. Apparently nobody cares about gif enough licecap do that kind of thing with licecap - or licecap so limited, there licecap fewer licecap to do that kind of thing, licecap.

I wish people would pick their formats better, licecap, licecap, licecap, or the platforms that supported them offered the functionality to allow it.

Some pages have s of MB of gifs, licecap, licecap, it's a serious problem to licecap with a datacap due to licecap ignorant Web author.

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