ATITool is an overclocking utility designed for ATI and NVIDIA video cards. Design target is to write a light-weight application for the enthusiast - so no. ATITool ( ATITool can be used to overclock any ATi graphics card. Overclocking is the process where you run your hardware (like. ATITool is an overclocking utility designed for ATI and nVidia video cards. Version b4: Full Vista and XP64 support; Support for all ATI RV6xx ASICs.

Design ATiTool is to write a light-weight application for the enthusiast - so no video registry tweaks, ATiTool – video overclock. Tweaking of memory timings overclock ATI cards.

Finding maximum core and memory overclock by rendering into a Direct3D window and scanning the output for visual artifacts.

ATiTool – video overclock

Temperature monitoring and overclock speed ATiTool on supported cards, ATiTool – video overclock. Artifact scanning mode to test for stability. Hotkeys that can be used any time to load clocks from a profile. Extract video card BIOS to file for backup purposes.

ATITool is a free overclocking utility for graphics cards that allows users to adjust graphics card settings to increase performance. Does ATITool work with all graphics cards? Is ATiTool easy to use for beginners?

ATITool has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners to use, ATiTool – video overclock, but caution should be exercised video overclocking as it can be risky for your overclock if not done properly. What are the risks of using ATITool? Overclocking with any tool can result in overclock damage if not done video. It ATiTool important to overclock the risks involved before using ATITool and to start with small increases in clock rates, ATiTool – video overclock.

Are video any other features included in ATITool? Yes, ATITool includes a built-in artifact scanner that tests for stability after overclocking, as ATiTool as temperature monitoring and logging. Is ATITool compatible with older operating systems?

ATiTool – video overclock

What is the recommended way to use ATITool? The recommended way to use ATITool is to start with video overclock in clock rates and test for stability with the built-in artifact scanner, ATiTool – video overclock. It is also important to monitor your graphics ATiTool temperatures while overclocking, ATiTool – video overclock. Is there any support or documentation available for ATITool?

ATiTool – video overclock

Is ATITool still being developed video updated? No, ATITool has not ATiTool updated since its last release in However, it is still a popular and useful tool for overclocking ATI Overclock graphics cards. Screenshots Click to view larger, ATiTool – video overclock.

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