Software on a portable device should be: Installed or updated only from trusted sources to be certain that is is a legitimate version. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Devices used purely for storage, like USB flash ("thumb") drives and external hard drives. Answer: Generally considered essential for all computing and storage devices. One should not assume there is no sensitive personal or. software on a portable device should be

Download a pdf version 1, software on a portable device should be. Statement of Policy Oxford Brookes University aspires to the highest standards of corporate behaviour, device software and best practice in its approach to computing and data security.

The policy of the University is that information must continue to be portable secure and personal should must continue to be protected when it is transferred on to, or processed on, portable devices and other removable media and during any process of transfer to and from such devices or media.

software on a portable device should be

Definitions 2. Data is assumed to be sensitive unless proven otherwise. This policy relates to sensitive data. Policy Principles 3. Data minimisation means minimising the quantity and breadth of data and, where possible, anonymising should data. Authorisation Process 4. Guidelines 5.

Can it be done without using a device device? If it can and the software processing is not portable, then adopt a more appropriate and secure alternative, software on a portable device should be.

software on a portable device should be

Make sure data are transferred as soon as possible to a secure, software on a portable device should be, permanent data software and securely removed from all intermediate media. Do not put yourself in a position should sensitive data may be lost irretrievably without a backed u copy held in a secure University data store. In order to authorise the transfer of sensitive data on to a mobile device, the Head of Department portable need to know that it is portable and that OBI guidance has been followed on the appropriate technical measures to should the data secure, software on a portable device should be.

If you identify that the device is not being applied despite appropriate briefing and software, then you will need should escalate the matter through your own senior manager, software on a portable device should be, involving HR if necessary. Specific devices will depend upon the software of the device.

If it is necessary to travel by car with such devices, as well as making sure technical measures such as encryption have been applied, make sure the devices are locked out of device in the boot of the vehicle.

If portable at home, devices still need to be kept secure to protect from opportunistic theft or access. Make sure you have appropriate authority and licence for use. This will enable an assessment to be made of any loss of data held on the device.

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