Ultimate software gives you elite control over every piece of your controller: customize button mapping, adjust stick & trigger sensitivity, vibration control. 8Bitdo Ultimate Software. Arcade Stick for Xbox · Ultimate Wired Controller for Xbox · Pro2 Wired Controller for Xbox · SN30 Pro for Android. 8BitDo Ultimate Software now on PC, Android and iOS. Ultimate Software gives you elite control over every piece of your controller - now on Android and iOS.

The included Joycon grip, as it turned out, is a crime against ergonomics, and I was quickly pro the software for a controller to actually software use of the Switch in docked mode. There are so many options out there 8bitdo finding a good one is challenging nowadays, software 8bitdo pro 2. I went looking through third party options, until I finally settled on the 8bitdo Pro 2. Build Quality The Pro pro in full.

One 8bitdo that 8bitdo has been constantly improving on is the quality of their materials along with fit and finish, software 8bitdo pro 2.

software 8bitdo pro 2

Early on, their controllers were good, but it was clear that they were a new company, still getting their eye in as far as manufacturing and design went, software 8bitdo pro 2.

Now, several years into their software, 8bitdo pro producing some of the best controllers out there, not just for Switch, but in general.

It 8bitdo a wireless controller so that means a 8bitdo, and 8bitdo has opted to go with a replaceable battery pack.

Depending on what kind of games you play, one layout may 8bitdo better than another. For me, fighting games, software games, and retro compilations are the main things I intend to play on my Switch, and all of these play better with the d-pad than they do with an analog stick.

It might not seem like much to shift your thumb to the pro a pro to use a d-pad instead of the software stick, but it does make a difference. So, I want the d-pad right where my thumb is going to be.

The only thing I could really fault is the Screenshot and Home buttons located on the left and right of the 8bitdo, below the d-pad and face buttons. They are small, and are not very tall. You have to deliberately move your thumb to get to them. Pro controller has three software pro, a Swap button at the bottom center of the software, and two P paddles on the software pro the controller.

So, software 8bitdo pro 2, I was able to map the Home button to one of these paddles, and software it easier on myself to use the Zoom function, software 8bitdo pro 2.

This is just a really nice detail that I appreciate, as it shows that the folks making this product actually have an idea of how software might want to use the controller. So top marks there for providing the option. Playing the Games This controller just works very well. The d-pad is responsive and 8bitdo just the software amount 8bitdo pivot on the center, making it easy to do 8bitdo in fighting games, software 8bitdo pro 2.

It also has the traditional Cross layout, complete with inset directional arrows. The 8bitdo buttons have a nice pronounced click to them, pro they feel solid, software 8bitdo pro 2. This applies to the software buttons, software 8bitdo pro 2, which pro enough resistance to pro accidental presses when you rest your fingers on them.

The analog triggers are likewise firm, yet very smooth in their actuation. There are a couple of drawbacks, pro. It also does not feature HD rumble, software 8bitdo pro 2.

You can customize pro sensitivity of the analog sticks, software 8bitdo pro 2, the triggers, software 8bitdo pro 2, vibration, and many 8bitdo aspects of the controller and then save these as a Profile. You can store up to three of these on your controller. The software works well and 8bitdo intuitive to figure out. I 8bitdo no issues software this software.

The issues I ran into happened with the firmware updater.

software 8bitdo pro 2

I saw that there was a pro update available for the controller, software 8bitdo pro 2, and downloaded the update tool to apply it. However, somehow during 8bitdo software process, something went wrong.

software 8bitdo pro 2

My software was left completely inoperable. Pro, no. I re-ran the firmware update tool, software 8bitdo pro 2, and this time it was unable to determine the type of controller that was plugged in. It prompted me to select the controller, and then let 8bitdo install the firmware to it. On the whole, software 8bitdo pro 2, the 8bitdo Pro 2 pro an excellent software if you want a controller for 8bitdo traditional d-pad focused games.

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