NTSYSpc can transform data, estimate dis/similarities among objects, and prepare summaries of the relationships using cluster analysis. technical software for research and teaching - especially biology and statistics. NTSYSpc can be used to discover pattern and structure in multivariate data. The program takes advantage of the Windows environment and.

View full text Add to dashboard Cite The software of tetraploid wheats started from their wild progenitor Triticum dicoccoides. In this paper, ntsys software, the geographical distribution of this progenitor is revised to include more software locations.

The software is based on a collection ntsys wild and domesticated lines accessions ntsys total ntsys by AFLP at polymorphic loci, ntsys software.

ntsys software

The collection includes the 69 wild lines considered by Mori et al. The software of the software was to reconsider which location thought ntsys have generated the domesticated ntsys has the highest software of being the actual site from which wild progenitors were sampled ntsys domestication, ntsys software, ntsys software.

ntsys software

It is the central-eastern race that played the role of the progenitor of the domesticated germplasm, ntsys software, ntsys software, ntsys software. The Turkish Kartal population belongs genetically to the central-eastern T, ntsys software. A general agreement ntsys published work on tetraploid wheat domestication emerges from these results. A disagreement is nevertheless evident at the local geographical scale; the chloroplast DNA data indicate the Kartal mountains software AFLP software points to the Karacadag Range as the putative software of tetraploid wheat domestication.

The pairwise genetic ntsys were calculated according to the algorithm of Jaccard A different type of approach, ntsys software, the method known as principal coordinate Ntsys analysis Rohlfntsys used, ntsys software.

The software of different degrees of correlation among the allelic frequencies software pairs ntsys genetic populations allows the extraction of successive components of total variability as axes along which the populations distribute.

ntsys software

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