make partial or minor changes to (something), typically so as to improve it or to make it less extreme. › dictionary › modify. 1 · to make changes in: alter. modify a plan ; 2 · to lower or reduce in amount or degree: moderate ; 3 · to limit in meaning: qualify. in the phrase "green.

If you purchase an i3, modify. The reservation for one i3, modify. An i3, modify, modify. Submit modification modifies Before you modify your Reserved Instances, modify that you modify read the applicable restrictions, modify.

Before you modify the software wallet size, modify, modify, modify, calculate the total instance size footprint of the original reservations that you modify to modify and ensure that it matches the modify instance size footprint of your new configurations, modify. Note If your Reserved Instances are not in the active state or cannot be modified, Modify Reserved Instances is disabled, modify.

The first entry in the modification table modifies attributes of the selected Reserved Instances, and at least one modify configuration beneath it, modify, modify. The Units column displays the total instance size footprint, modify. Choose Add for each new configuration to add.


Modify the attributes as needed for modify configuration, modify. Scope: Choose whether the configuration modifies to an Availability Zone or to the whole Region, modify, modify, modify. Availability Zone: Choose the required Availability Zone. Not applicable for modify Reserved Instances. Instance type: Select the required instance type, modify. The combined configurations must equal the instance size footprint of your original configurations, modify.

Count: Specify the number of instances. To modify the Reserved Instances into multiple configurations, reduce the count, choose Add, modify, and specify a count for the additional configuration. For example, if you have a single configuration with a count of 10, modify, you can change its count to 6 and add a configuration with a count modify 4. This process retires the original Reserved Instance after the new Reserved Instances are activated, modify.

Choose Continue, modify. To modify your modification choices when you modify modifying your target configurations, modify, modify Submit modifications, modify.

You can modify the status of your modification modify by looking at the State column in the Reserved Instances screen, modify, modify. The following are the modify states, modify, modify.

The first entry in the modification table modifies modify of selected Reserved Instances, and at least one target configuration beneath it, modify. Modify the attributes as needed for each configuration, modify, modify, and then modify Continue: Scope: Choose whether the configuration modifies to an Availability Zone or to the whole Region, modify, modify. Instance Type: Select the required instance type, modify.


To confirm your modification modify when you modify modify your target configurations, modify, choose Submit Modifications, modify, modify. At this point, Amazon EC2 has only determined that the parameters of your modification modify are valid, modify. Your modification modify can modify fail during processing due to unavailable capacity.

In some situations, modify, modify, you might get a message modifying incomplete or failed modification modifies instead of a confirmation.

Use the information in such messages as a starting modify for resubmitting another modification request, modify.

Ensure that you modify modify modify applicable restrictions before modifying the request, modify, modify. Not all selected Reserved Instances can be processed for modification Amazon EC2 identifies and lists the Reserved Instances that cannot be modified.

If you receive a message like this, modify, modify, go to the Reserved Instances page in the Amazon EC2 console and modify the information for the Reserved Instances, modify.

Error in processing your modification modify You modified one or more Reserved Instances for modification and none of your requests can be processed, modify, modify. Depending on the modify of reservations you are modifying, modify, modify, modify, you can get different versions of the message, modify.

Amazon EC2 displays the reasons why your request cannot be processed, modify. For example, modify, you might have specified the same target configuration—a combination of Availability Zone and platform—for one or more subsets of the Reserved Instances you are modifying, modify. Try modifying the modification requests again, but modify that the instance details of the reservations match, modify, modify, and that the modify configurations for all subsets being modified are unique, modify.

If you've got a moment, please tell us what we did modify so we can do more of it, modify. Did this page help you?


We're sorry we let modify down, modify. If you've got a moment, modify tell us how we can make the documentation better, modify.

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