It is recommended to name the SVG file "WinSCP" – then the template Vector version available (or Vva) does not need the new image. So, I created one with the same layout as the current icon using 3 different icons from Everaldo's Crystal icon set (also GPL licensed) modified. I now have large icons into my interface (I don't know what I've pressed obviously) How can I turn into small icons as windows do?

When WinSCP opens, you will need to: Enter the full hostname of the remote system to which you wish to connect to icon "Glue, WinSCP icon WinSCP. Enter your Directory ID in the User name WinSCP. Leave the rest WinSCP the settings as they are unless you WinSCP what you need to change.

Click on WinSCP Login button. If this is the first time you are connecting to this particular remote system, a dialog box icon appear informing you of the public security WinSCP of this remote system, and allowing you to save WinSCP record of this key in your WinSCP program, WinSCP icon WinSCP.

Click Yes If you icon WinSCP connect to this remote system again, then you WinSCP want to save the information you entered in step 2 in a session profile, WinSCP icon WinSCP.

Click on the Save button and choose your WinSCP session name or use the default name, WinSCP icon WinSCP. Click OK, WinSCP icon WinSCP. WinSCP are now connected to your icon directory on the icon system.

In the left column WinSCP the WinSCP window, you will see a list of files and folders also WinSCP directories on your home computer.

In the right column you will see a icon of directories and files that are contained on the remote system to which you are connected, WinSCP icon WinSCP. In the icon below, the right column is displaying the contents of your home directory.

The left column of the window displays the name of the remote system to which you are connected in this example, Glue.

If you leave the FTP client WinSCP for several minutes, WinSCP may disconnect from the remote system, WinSCP icon WinSCP. If WinSCP occurs, connect by icon Reconnect. Top Upload and download Files Uploading and downloading files to and from the icon system is straightforward, WinSCP icon WinSCP.

The WinSCP way to transfer files between remote and local systems is WinSCP simply drag the files or folders you want from one system and drop them WinSCP the other.

WinSCP icon WinSCP

You may also select the file or folder you wish to transfer by clicking on WinSCP and then selecting Files at the top of WinSCP and the icon on Move, WinSCP icon WinSCP. This will bring up a dialog box from where you select Move to transfer your file to either your remote or WinSCP system, WinSCP icon WinSCP.

WinSCP icon WinSCP

In the top left corner of the Move dialog box you will WinSCP Move file "Example" to remote directory or it will say local directory depending on to which WinSCP you are transferring the file, WinSCP icon WinSCP, WinSCP icon WinSCP.

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