WebinarJam allows you to schedule a series of reminder notifications, via email and phone text, so your registrants never miss your events! And post-webinar. Promote WebinarJam up to 40% Recurring Commissions For Life! Join our affiliate program. Copyright © Genesis Digital LLC. All rights reserved. The only webinar system that produces a complete live stream event from registration to replay! #webinarjam. Get a Day Trial For $1.

ConstantContact Maropost If none of those fit, you webinarjam use built-in Zapier integration webinarjam integrate with the e-mail marketing platform, webinarjam, webinarjam.

Webinarjam are some examples of WebinarJam Thank Webinarjam page free youtube converter you can choose from, webinarjam.

Another great feature is the ability to survey everyone who registered, webinarjam.


That feature is useful if you want to really personalize the webinar and ask what your signups are expecting. You could also run a quick survey on your Thank Webinarjam page. This gives you very personalized material about your attendees, which you can discuss during the webinar itself, webinarjam. Use it to your advantage. After registering for the webinar, webinarjam, webinarjam, they will have the option to fill out the survey, webinarjam.

It would be webinarjam smooth if the webinar room design webinarjam your website design colors, webinarjam. These little things make it webinarjam professional. WebinarJam live webinar room Luckily, webinarjam, WebinarJam has many room designs you can webinarjam from, webinarjam.

For example: Next, webinarjam, when you set webinarjam your live webinar, you can pre-configure some engagement tools, webinarjam. Pre-configured Polls When webinarjam up webinarjam webinar, webinarjam, you webinarjam set up the webinarjam you want to show during your webinar. This helps you focus on the webinarjam content and launch the pre-configured webinar webinarjam on-demand, webinarjam, exactly at the right time.

Offering to webinarjam the poll results could make your attendees more willing to participate in the poll. Live webinar offers can also be configured during webinar webinarjam. When you launch your webinarjam, it will webinarjam to the right hand webinarjam. Even to the attendees who are viewing in full screen mode, webinarjam, will definitely see it, webinarjam.

The webinarjam right hand side would be webinarjam of the offer featuring an attractive product image, webinarjam. WebinarJam: Seeing the product offer during the live webinar To increase the urgency of your offer, you can even add a countdown timer. Webinarjam can add a call-to-action button to make the offer crystal clear.

You webinarjam show a notification to your entire audience when someone makes webinarjam purchase. This is webinarjam powerful sales tool to encourage others, webinarjam, webinarjam. My webcam video showed crystal clear to the attendees, webinarjam. However, webinarjam I webinarjam configuring my webinarjam settings during the Webinar Jam review, webinarjam, webinarjam webcam went webinarjam for webinarjam reason, webinarjam.


Also, webinarjam, webinarjam, webinarjam, there is a slight delay with the webcam when compared to the polls, for example, webinarjam. Then seconds later, they hear me announce the poll, webinarjam. The same thing happens with offers, webinarjam. Support is an important aspect I always try to review and the WebinarJam review is no different, webinarjam, webinarjam.

The official support is okay, webinarjam, webinarjam. Truth be told, webinarjam, webinarjam, the customer support for WebinarJam is not as active as one webinarjam hope for, webinarjam. The "Panic! When pressed, webinarjam, it: Automatically generates a new webinar room Transfers webinarjam entire presentation screen and materials there Transfers all the webinar attendees there Everything is re-booted in 15 seconds This webinarjam be a real webinarjam. WebinarJam Webinarjam view: Pressing the Panic!

If you want to play a separate video during your webinar, you can just insert a Youtube or Vimeo webinarjam when setting up the webinar. During your live webinar you can just launch webinarjam exactly at the webinarjam time, webinarjam.

Having it webinarjam to WebinarJam enables webinarjam clear video quality and no lag, webinarjam, webinarjam, webinarjam.

Playback would be using the WebinarJam video player to webinarjam it directly to your audience, instead of your screen sharing, webinarjam, webinarjam. Same reason — a lot higher quality and no lag, webinarjam. Even then they can read any text on your slides. All this helps to create a webinarjam smoother experience for your webinarjam. So, webinarjam, webinarjam, this is an important feature.

According to Google, B2B workers spends 3 hours per day on their webinarjam devices, webinarjam. Smartphones are becoming an increasingly important tool for webinarjam e-mail, webinarjam, attending meetings and even webinarjam online webinars, webinarjam.

When you launch a poll or an offer during your webinar, webinarjam, it will pop over the screen for the attendees, webinarjam. WebinarJam on Webinarjam WebinarJam on Android Webinarjam further engage your attendees on-the-go, webinarjam, you can configure SMS text message webinarjam to send out 15 minutes before the webinar starts. This will webinarjam boost your webinar attendance rate, webinarjam.

The host webinarjam see these requests and will accept or deny these Speaker Requests. Once webinarjam, the webinarjam has to follow a setup before he can enter the webinar as a speaker.

Once configured, webinarjam, the attendee will have webinar superpowers, webinarjam. He will gain access to all the same control functionality as the host.

He can now share webinarjam screen webinarjam webcam webinarjam the entire audience, webinarjam. He can also start slide shows, injected videos, polls, webinarjam, webinarjam, webinarjam, offers, webinarjam, webinarjam, etc, webinarjam.

Only the webinar room host can eject him from the speaker role, webinarjam. This is a useful webinarjam if someone webinarjam the audience wants to share their story or a webinarjam experience, webinarjam. Call-to-Action webinarjam the Webinar The follow-up e-mail webinarjam the webinar is where you can send your webinarjam replay, webinarjam information and your call-to-action.

It means all the live events webinarjam polls, webinarjam, webinarjam, webinarjam, questions, webinarjam, offers and purchases will be recorded and shown exactly as they happened during the live event, webinarjam. So, webinarjam who missed the live webinar will have a very similar experience webinarjam they watch the replay.

Most other webinar webinarjam only have a static video as a replay, webinarjam. Make sure you always turn in on in the webinar setup. Once you do, webinarjam, webinarjam, you can see all your past webinars as well.

However, webinarjam, webinarjam, some attendees have noticed around 10 second lag for showing polls during the webinar reply, webinarjam.


WebinarJam lets them ask webinarjam as well during the webinar replay, webinarjam. Powerful Analytics and 3rd Party Tracking This WebinarJam review will webinarjam one of the most robust and powerful webinar analytics there is.

The easy-to-understand built-in analytics dashboard covers: Webinarjam webinar conversion flow Landing Page split test results E-mail open rates webinarjam registration rates Engagement and attendee webinarjam during live webinar Webinarjam statistics during webinar replay Monetization statistics The WebinarJam analytics also have stats for webinarjam audience connectivity quality.

This means you can monitor how good a webinarjam your attendees are experiencing webinarjam. For advanced marketers, webinarjam, you webinarjam inject a Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics tracking webinarjam or Google Ads remarketing code and apply: Registration webinarjam tracking Post-registration Thank You page tracking Webinar live room tracking Replay page tracking Retargeting is a powerful marketing tool webinarjam used correctly.

Read more about WebinarJam webinarjam pixels, webinarjam. This could be a show-stopper for some people on a tight budget, webinarjam, webinarjam. WebinarJam annual plans My WebinarJam review considers webinarjam rigid pricing to be webinarjam of the biggest webinarjam. I recommend starting with the Basic Webinarjam. You can always upgrade if webinarjam needs grow, webinarjam, webinarjam, webinarjam.

Yes, webinarjam, you can cancel any time you want, webinarjam. You should definitely consider these webinarjam before subscribing to WebinarJam: Only annual subscription plans no monthly webinarjam. See WebinarJam pricing No custom fields on webinar registration forms.

Webinarjam to use Thank You page survery for webinarjam. Sometimes it just keeps loading webinarjam I have to log out and log in again. Webinarjam this happens I have to redo some webinarjam. Pre-configured polls and offers appear instantly, while the video and slides are have a webinarjam delay, webinarjam.

Customer Support could be webinarjam and more responsive No webinarjam webinars. Webinarjam, if you webinarjam care webinarjam maximizing your audience size and engagement, webinarjam, effectively communicating your message and ultimately driving sales, webinarjam, webinarjam, webinarjam, then I recommend webinarjam go with webinarjam professional webinar webinarjam. It means you can schedule your pre-recorded webinars to run automatically, webinarjam.

The whole thing can webinarjam on its own, webinarjam, from webinar sign-ups to webinarjam e-mails.

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