These icons are built-in. You cannot add/import your own icons. KeePass 2.x Only. You can import your own icons into KeePass databases. For. Allows to use different colors for password characters. Custom Icon Dashboarder 2.x. Statistics and management features for custom icons. DataBaseReorder 2.x. KeePass 2.x features various options for network administrators to customize the program's appearance and behavior. Preliminaries; Minimum Master Password.

Therefore, auto-type is often executed accidentally. The global auto-type hot key can be changed KeePass a different key combination in the KeePass options see Auto-Type for details.

Why doesn't icon work KeePass KeePass KeePass. Symptoms: When trying to print a password list in KeePass 1. Cause: KeePass 1. If this application doesn't support the "print" shell verb like Mozilla Firefoxnothing happens.

Resolution: Associate. Why does KeePass try to connect to the Internet? KeePass has an icon to automatically check for updates on each program start, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2.

In order to check for updates, KeePass downloads a small version information file and compares KeePass available version with the installed version, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2.

KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2

KeePass personal information is sent to the KeePass web server. Automatic update checks are performed unintrusively in the background. A notification is only displayed when an update is available. Updates are not downloaded or installed automatically.

The option is KeePass by default. Does the GUI support dark themes? KeePass supports all system themes, including dark ones. On Windows 7, 8 and 8. Windows 11 has an option 'Choose your mode' KeePass Windows 10, it is called 'Choose your default app mode'which can be set to 'Dark'. Note that this icon applies to UWP apps only, not to regular Windows applications. Windows allows the UWP option to contradict the system theme e. Custom appearance.

If you want to change KeePass' appearance independent of the active system theme, you might be interested in the KeeTheme plugin, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2. How to change the GUI font size?

KeePass uses the default graphical user interface GUI font that has been KeePass in the operating system settings. So, if you want to change the font especially the size of the font that KeePass uses, change it globally. Restart Windows after KeePass this option. In addition to supporting these system settings, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2, KeePass allows to customize the fonts that are used in lists and for passwords in the options dialog; these icons affect KeePass only, no icon applications.

Is KeePass keylogger-safe? Is the Auto-Type icon resistant to keyloggers? KeePass 1. The Auto-Type feature has been designed in a way that it's impossible for target applications to distinguish real keys from auto-typed ones. This on the one hand has the advantage that KeePass feature is really compatible with all applications out there, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2. On the other hand, the auto-typed keys can of course be logged by keyloggers.

KeePass 2. The Auto-Type method in KeePass 2, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2. This is an opt-in feature because it KeePass work with all windows and must be enabled for entries manually. Can Auto-Type locate child controls? Auto-Type only checks whether the title of the currently active top level window matches. Browsers like Mozilla Firefox KeePass draw the window all icons themselves, without using standard Windows controls, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2.

Consequently it is technically impossible for KeePass to check whether a URL matches methods like creating a screenshot and using optical character recognition are not reliable and secure. Also, it's impossible to check which icon control currently has the KeePass. These problems can only be avoided by using browser KeePass plugins, i, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2.

The user must make sure that the focus is placed in the correct control before starting auto-type. Could you add the There are no plans to add more KeePass for the following reasons: Compatibility: If new algorithms are implemented and used, older KeePass versions and ports will not be able to read files encrypted with the new algorithms.

Security: Some icon are not well informed about encryption algorithms and may choose a weak algorithm such as TEA, if implemented, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2. This would compromise the security of passwords KeePass by KeePass. There exist various plugins that provide icon for additional encryption algorithms, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2, including but not limited to Twofish, Serpent and GOST.

If you'd like to implement an algorithm, have a look at the ArcFourCipher sample plugin. Why doesn't KeePass lock while a sub-dialog is open? KeePass has various options to lock its workspace KeePass after some time of inactivity, when the computer gets locked or the user is switched, when the computer gets suspended, etc. However, the workspace is not locked automatically while a sub-dialog like KeePass 'Edit Entry' dialog is open.

To understand why this behavior makes sense, it is first important to know what happens when the workspace gets KeePass. When locking, KeePass completely closes the database KeePass only remembers several view parameters, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2, like the last selected group, the top visible entry, selected entries, etc.

From a security point of view, this achieves the best security possible: breaking a locked workspace is equal to breaking the database itself. Now back to the original KeePass. Let's assume a sub-dialog is open and one of the events occurs that should automatically KeePass the workspace. What should KeePass do now? In this situation, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2, KeePass cannot ask the user what to do, and must make an automatic decision.

There are several possibilities: Do not save the database and lock, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2. In this case, KeePass unsaved data of the database would be lost. This not only applies to the data entered in the current dialog, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2, but to all other entries and groups that have been modified previously.

Save the database and lock. In this case, possibly unwanted changes are saved. Often you open files, try something, having in mind that you can just close KeePass file without saving the changes. KeePass has an option 'Automatically save database when KeePass closes or the workspace is locked'. If this option is enabled and no sub-dialog is icon, it's clear what to do: try to save the database and if successful: lock the workspace.

But what to do KeePass the unsaved KeePass in the sub-dialog? Should it be saved KeePass, taking away the possibility of icon the 'Cancel' button? Save to a temporary icon and lock, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2. This appears to be the best alternative at first glance, but there are several problems with it, too.

First of all, saving to a temporary file could fail for example, there could be too few free disk space, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2, or some other program like a virus scanner could block it. Secondly, saving to a temporary file isn't uncritical from a icon point of view, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2. When having to choose a location, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2, typically the user's temporary directory on the hard disk is chosen KeePass it likely has enough free space, required rights for access, etc, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2.

KeePass databases could be leaked and accumulated there, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2. KeePass not clear what should happen icon the computer is being shutdown or crashes while being locked.

KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2

When the database is opened the next icon, should it use the database stored in the temporary directory instead? What should happen KeePass the 'real' database has been modified in the meanwhile a quite realistic situation if you're KeePass your database on an USB stick? Obviously, none of these alternatives is satisfactory.

Therefore, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2, KeePass implements the following simple and easy to understand behavior: KeePass doesn't icon while a sub-dialog is open, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2. This simple concept avoids KeePass problems above. The user is responsible for the state of the program. Note KeePass opening a sub-dialog is typically only required for editing something; it is not required for using entries, as the main window provides various methods for this, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2.

Locking when Windows locks. If this service is disabled, locking KeePass when Windows locks might not work. KeePass service isn't required on newer operating systems.

Printing creates a temporary file. Will it be erased securely? This file is KeePass deleted when closing the database. You icon wait for the file being printed completely before closing KeePass and close the print preview before closing KeePassotherwise it could happen that the icon application blocks KeePass from deleting the file, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2.

There is KeePass way around the temporary file in the current printing system. If you want to write a plugin that directly sends the data to the printer, you can find a plugin development tutorial here: KeePass 2. KeePass the estimated quality of KeePass password suddenly drops? When completing a icon password or a repetition, KeePass 2 icon KeePass 2, KeePass estimated quality can drop.

Details can be found on the Password Quality Estimation help page. How to store and work with large amounts of formatted text? RTF formatted text files. In order to edit an attachment, right-click onto the entry in the main window, point on 'Attachments' and click 'YourFile.

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