To reach the application, you can right click the Greenshot icon in the notification area or directly take a screenshot by pressing one of the defined keys. You can verify that it is running by identifying the Greenshot icon in your systray. You can start taking screenshot simply by right-clicking the icon or. right-click Greenshot's systray icon, select "About Greenshot" and hit the I key on your keyboard - will open in your default text editor.

The settings dialog Language: The language you prefer to be Greenshot. You can download additional icon icons Greenshot Greenshot here. Launch Greenshot on startup: Start the program when the system has been booted, Greenshot icon Greenshot.

Hotkeys: Customize the hotkeys to be used to create screenshots. Use default system proxy: If checked, Greenshot uses the default system proxy to check for updates, Greenshot icon Greenshot.

Update check interval Greenshot days: Greenshot can check for updates automatically. Use this setting to Greenshot the interval in days or set it to Greenshot to Greenshot off update Greenshot. Capture settings Capture mousepointer: Greenshot checked, Greenshot icon Greenshot, the mousepointer will be captured.

The pointer is handled is a icon element in the editor, so that you can move or remove it later, Greenshot icon Greenshot. Play camera sound: Audible feedback when doing a capture Milliseconds to wait before capture: Add a icon time lag before actually capturing the screen, Greenshot icon Greenshot. Use interactive window icon mode: Instead of capturing the active window right away, interactive mode allows Greenshot to select the window to capture.

It is also possible to capture child windows, see window capture. Use this setting to avoid capturing icons in the background shining through transparent borders. As displayed: Transparent borders are captured as displayed on screen. Use default color: Greenshot solid default color is applied instead of transparency. Use custom color: Pick a custom color to be applied instad of transparency. Preserve transparency: Borders are captured Greenshot transparency, Greenshot icon Greenshot, not capturing icons which icon be in the icon. Note: Greenshot areas are displayed using a checked pattern in the editor.

The pattern is not exported when saving the screenshot to a file, Greenshot icon Greenshot. Keep in mind to save as PNG file for Greenshot transparency support, Greenshot icon Greenshot. Internet Greenshot capture: Enable Greenshot capturing of web pages Greenshot Internet Explorer, Greenshot icon Greenshot.

Resize editor window to screenshot size: If selected, the editor window will automatically be resized to fit the Greenshot of the screenshot. Output settings Screenshot destination: Allows you Greenshot choose the destination s for your screenshot right after capturing it.

Preferred output file settings: Directory and filename to be used when saving directly or to be suggested when saving using the save-as dialog, Greenshot icon Greenshot. Click the?

Greenshot icon Greenshot

Enlarge printout to fit paper size: If the image is smaller than the paper size, Greenshot icon Greenshot, it will be scaled to be printed as large as possible without exceeding paper size. Print with inverted colors: Will icon the Greenshot before printing it, useful e. Plugin settings Displays a list of installed Greenshot plugins, Greenshot icon Greenshot. Select one from the icon and click Configure in order to access the configuration of a plugin.

Want to icon Currently, we do not need help in Greenshot. However, there are Greenshot things you Greenshot do to support Greenshot and the development team, Greenshot icon Greenshot. Thanks in advance : Consider a donation We are putting a lot of work into Greenshot and spending quite some time to provide a good piece of software for free and Greenshot source, Greenshot icon Greenshot.

Greenshot icon Greenshot

If you feel that it makes you more productive, Greenshot icon Greenshot, if it Greenshot you or your company Greenshot lot of time and money, or if you simply like Greenshot and the idea of open source software: please consider honoring our icon by Greenshot. Please have a look at our home Greenshot to see how you can support the Greenshot development team:.

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