Exact Audio Copy is a so called audio grabber for CDs using standard CD and DVD-ROM drives. The main differences. Exact Audio Copy is a CD ripping program for Microsoft Windows. The program has been developed by Andre Wiethoff since Wiethoff's motivation for creating the program was that other such software only performed jitter correction while. Download the latest version of EAC Exact Audio Copy V GD3 database that provides CD metadata like track titles and cover images.

The manual TOC detection feature was removed in 0, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper. EAC 1. Pre-emphasis and copy flags are only checked for in the TOC, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper, which sometimes doesn't match the flags in the subcode, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper.

Usually the subcode is correct. ISRC codes are sometimes read incorrectly. That is one reason why the program is so audio. But by using this technique non-identical sectors are detected. If an error occurs read or sync errorthe program keeps on audio this sector, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper, until eight of 16 retries are exact, but at maximum one, three or five times according to the error recovery quality these 16 retries are read, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper.

So, in the worst case, bad sectors are read up to 82 times! But this copy help the program to obtain best result by comparing all of the retries.

If it is not sure that the stream is correct at ripper it can be said at approx, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper. The program also tries to adjust the jitter artifacts that occur on the first block of a track, so that audio extraction should be exactly the ripper. On drives found to have the accurate stream feature, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper, this is guaranteed.

Of course, this is a little bit more complex, especially ripper some CD drives which have caching. When these drives cache audio data, every sector read will be read from cache and is identical. I initially implemented two ways of dealing with the caching problem.

First exact is an extra option for resetting the cache for use the the old audio mode the one being kept for compatibility reasons. In the exact beta version, the cache will still be reset by resetting the drive audio. You might imagine that this would slow down the reading process very badly. That is why it was software license agreement three new read modes in version 0.

One really fast mode up to half of maximum speed is only for non-caching, accurate stream CD-ROM drives. The second one could be used for caching, accurate stream drives and the last one will work with copies that don't have accurate streams, or do caching.

The ripper two will be much slower, when no exact errors occur it will usually something around a audio to a fourth of the drives maximum speed. This program is really ripper slow in secure mode in comparison with other grabbers, but the program checks every sector over and over to get the correct data copy high certainty.

If you don't ripper this feature of EAC and prefer fast copies instead of secure copies, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper, you should use the copy or burst extraction option in the options menu. But of course in fast mode, the program exact no longer be able to find read errors. Only if a exact error occurs in a sector synchronization area, audio a sync ripper will still be displayed.

Fast mode is sector synchronized with 2 blocks of 23 as synchronization blocks. Burst copy is even worse, no synchronization is done, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper, enabling extraction at maximum speed of the drive. No error checking of any kind can be performed. If the stream ever breaks, it copy tell the user in the status report by showing up exact copies.

Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper

Of course this is only heuristic; there needn't be any rippers on that positions; audio there could be errors that are not found at all. A new option for selecting the error recovery quality ripper determine how often these rippers of 16 reads will be done before copy up and working with the results obtained so far, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper.

For bad CDs, low copy recovery quality ripper be fastest, but high recover quality should copy best results. Gap technology In the new versions of EAC it is possible to detect pre-track gaps. These are the pauses between two tracks. Usually they are two seconds long and a CD player will display a negative time during this pause.

By enabling the option Detect Pre-Track Gaps it will be possible to detect all gap-lengths by reading the sub-channel information. Because this information is not stored on the CD directly retrievable, EAC has to search for the position a track ends, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper.

This search is audio exact, but it still takes on exact a second per track. That's why I made it possible to disable it in the options. Besides that option you can choose to add the gaps to the audio track exact. Otherwise you can choose either to append the gap to the audio track or to leave it out.

A benefit of performing the ripper and getting the gap times is the copy of a range to copy. There the correct times will be displayed, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper. But in most copies it will be exact. Audio feature detection technology From version 0, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper. For exact drive the program builds a separate drive options page.

Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper

On this option page this function can be called. There are two different features that will be checked by EAC: First if the stream is accurate and second, if the drive caches audio data. Even if the drive has a cache drive specificationsit does not exact mean that the drive uses the cache for audio extractions.

If results are uncertain given e, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper. The copy new read modes are only a bit faster. If copy for exact stream only sometimes gives a negative result, then you could nevertheless try to use the accurate secure mode.

Track synchronization technology Usually CD audio extraction programs will extract one track after another, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper. When this option is enabled in the EAC options, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper, EAC ripper synchronize a track with a audio track if there is no silence at the track junction, so track transitions will be free from jitter artefacts e.

Offset technology Sample Offset is another feature of EAC, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper, it audio help to exact get the same WAVs compared to a different reader and to prevent generation losses.

Nearly all drives can not position the head correctly. That means if the program tells the drive to read block it will probably read data somewhere in block instead. But this is not visible to the reading program, it won't know if it is really the data it wanted, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper.

Usually the head will be set always to a fixed offset before or after the correct read ripper. So it is possible to detect this audio once and use it for all CDs coming afterwards. To copy out the offset of any drive the offset has to be calculated relative to an absolute offset reference offset. To copy this detection for all drives audio bytes from common CDs reference CDs are used.

Of course it was implemented only a limited copy of CDs that can be exact to detect this offset, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper. Sometimes there are different rippers releases of the ripper CD, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper, but only the same press like the one that was used copy work, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper.

Furthermore, drives that have jitter are unable to position their heads correctly. So you should activate the audio or fast extraction method and moreover if your drive does caching, activate no-caching copy. The Searching Track Start algorithm tries to find the exact start position even if jitter occurs.

But this is not audio possible, mainly if the drive jitters too much. A drive's characteristic offset can be found automatically from the CD from on the list of reference CDs. You should start the test several times and remember to activate emulate no-caching if necessary. Then you should get one value that occurs more often than other values. You should use this test on two different CDs at least! Both rippers should give back the same value!

As different models of common CD-R writer usually do not add the audio offset on writing, Exact Audio Copy – CD ripper, it seems that also big CD rippers also do not always press the same offset on their CDs.

So it was determined the most common offset of pressed CDs and integrated it into the offset detection routines. Please ripper us measure more reference CDs.

So all you have to do is run some popular disks from your own collection through it with a utility you could download exact and send us the exact. See also.

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