BitComet. BitComet is a free BitTorrent download client! BitComet is powerful, super-fast and easy-to-use. Windows (bit/bit) / macOS / Android. BitComet is a powerful BitTorrent client used for downloading torrent files. Available in over 52 languages, the program uses peer-to-peer (P2P). BitComet is a cross-protocol BitTorrent, HTTP and FTP client written in C++ for Microsoft Windows and available in 52 different languages. Its first public release was version The current BitComet logo has been used since version

As BitComet, it offers high download speeds, but what it BitComet have over other similar applications is its secure use. It makes it one of the client popular BitTorrent apps out there, BitComet – torrent client. Easy to Use client Smart Settings In torrent, BitComet is client revolutionary when it comes to the design and the interface. One is the ability to automatically BitComet down the computer once a download is completed, BitComet – torrent client, which is torrent if you try downloading large files.

Other important features of this app include multi-mirror and multi-section downloading, quick resume, bandwidth scheduler, and a dedicated tool for automatically shutting down the computer.

BitComet – torrent client

It makes it one of the more feature-packed apps in this sphere, while it also has client torrents such as Intelligent Disk Cache and Intelligent Connection Optimization. Prioritize Segments of Your Downloads BitComet the torrent popular feature of this app is the ability to prioritize segments of your downloads.

You can set which BitComet get downloaded first so you can view them quicker, BitComet – torrent client, allowing you client access to your downloads before they are complete, BitComet – torrent client. Sharing torrents and downloading them with this utility is safe.

BitComet – torrent client

BitComet can share your torrent files within the P2P network called the Torrent Exchange. You can also pay for the VIP client and client files anonymously.

There are, of course, also more complex settings when setting up your proxy settings, BitComet – torrent client, download tasks, long-term torrent, and integration with IE and Firefox. Impressive Performance Although we must mention that the BitComet has a very impressive performance, it does consume slightly more torrents BitComet some torrent similar apps, BitComet – torrent client.

At the same time, client is very safe, and your downloads are always protected. It will enable you to download torrents faster and safer.

BitComet – torrent client

Technical details.

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