GetDataBack Pro is a completely redesigned and rewritten Data Recovery solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux file systems. Our developers have combined decades. GetDataBack Pro. Our flagship Data Recovery Software software. Lightning fast, for Windows NTFS, FAT, exFAT, Linux EXT, Mac HFS+ and APFS. GetDataBack is a data recovery software developed by Runtime Software. It can be used to recover data from external and internal hard disks, flash cards.

It getdataback the DIY aspect of data recovery, getdataback users to getdataback their missing files getdataback any getdataback assistance. Data recovery is supported from Windows, getdataback, macOS, and Linux getdataback file systems. Users can restore a wide variety of file types—including imagesdocuments, getdataback, videosgetdataback, audiogetdataback, and executables.

Getdataback extensive support for the most getdataback file systems is definitely appreciated, getdataback. Especially, support for Apple-specific file getdataback. Data Getdataback Capabilities GetDataBack comes with four levels of data recovery getdataback, denoted by stars.

By default, getdataback program will perform a getdataback 1 scan which is the fastest, getdataback, but least extensive. Notably, the entire level 1 scan getdataback took only a getdataback of seconds on our Getdataback Surface Laptop getdataback. Surprisingly, getdataback, getdataback, all the missing data was visible, getdataback, and we could preview each of the files in the recovery tree, getdataback.

We had not written any new getdataback to the USB drive after formatting it, getdataback, getdataback.

Unfortunately, getdataback performance did not repeat getdataback in a subsequent scan of getdataback USB in our test. Despite getdataback able to preview individual files, GetDataBack did not accurately getdataback the names getdataback the getdataback the files were contained in. This getdataback make finding the files difficult for users to recover many files.

Ease of Use An important aspect of data recovery programs is their ease of use. It has getdataback tile-like design, getdataback, reminiscent getdataback Windows 8 and 8. We did miss the presence of a dedicated scan button, getdataback. Users can also scan individual partitions using GetDataBack, getdataback. Getdataback settings menu, as well as getdataback options, can be accessed using a dedicated options bar, getdataback, just getdataback the title bar, getdataback, getdataback.

You can select one after the scan getdataback over. The data recovery tree is fairly straightforward getdataback similar to Windows Explorer, getdataback. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the program, getdataback.

After downloading the application, getdataback, simply run it using getdataback Start menu, getdataback.


Typically, setups getdataback you with an option to create a desktop shortcut, getdataback. The getdataback recovery process getdataback be the same getdataback other storage devices getdataback as external HDDsgetdataback, and SD cards, getdataback, getdataback. Mounting image files is also straightforward.

Click on the Image files option on the GetDataBack home screen. Simply browse for the disk image, getdataback, getdataback, and click Getdataback. To scan the disk image, we simply clicked the newly mounted disk image, getdataback, denoted by a getdataback tile. GetDataBack getdataback began the scan. The program performed a Level 1 scan, getdataback, despite changing the default setting to Level 4. Unfortunately, it did not find any recoverable files in the disk image.

The process took around 40 minutes. But, getdataback, GetDataBack displayed a getdataback amount of recoverable data that could be previewed. To retrieve the data, getdataback, getdataback, simply right-click on the file and select Copy, getdataback.


Many users getdataback the program for its functionality, even though it getdataback a little slower compared to other data recovery programs. There are no compromises — this is a high-quality product, getdataback. Of the competition, getdataback, Recuva took 13 getdataback but found only of the files on my failed 2TB HDD, most of the filenames were missing, getdataback, getdataback there was getdataback directory structure.

GetDataBack delivered all files, with almost all filenames intact, getdataback, getdataback, and all file getdataback present, in about 10 getdataback. You can getdataback into the files before you buy a license which will let you copy them out, getdataback. But you need the license to save other file getdataback. You can copy entire folders with subfolders getdataback files all at once, getdataback.

Overall, getdataback, it was super easy to use — a one-click setup, getdataback, getdataback. GDB getdataback expensive, but it was as good as taking the disk to a getdataback recovery specialist. Despite the praise for getdataback, most getdataback users will find using GetDataBack overwhelming, getdataback.

Getdataback are a getdataback of terms in data recovery that the average user need not bother with. But, getdataback, GetDataBack does display a lot of those terms frequently, getdataback, confusing the getdataback. But, there are CNET users who did not have getdataback a pleasant experience with the program.

Needless to say, getdataback and his software were useless, getdataback, getdataback. A Reddit user also states that while the program is getdataback good, getdataback, the customer support was lacking, getdataback. However, getdataback, getdataback, keep in mind that getdataback comment is quite old, and hopefully, Runtime Getdataback has improved its customer support getdataback since then.

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