PopTray freeware e-mail checker written by Renier Crause. PopTray freeware e-mail checker written by Renier Crause. This plugin will store all the emails that PopTray downloads while checking to a PackRat. PopTray is a mail notifier written in Delphi for the Windows platform. It sits in your tray notification area and check mail from multiple.

In addition, PopTray – check for emails, they emails the ability to set up custom notifications, PopTray – check for emails, rules and keyboard shortcuts. Setup For using the software, you need to add an account and enter the server address, username and password. You PopTray also select color for sound that will be associated with this profile.

If you want to configure check settings, you may visit the Options tab. Here you have the ability to adjust the frequency for checking new emails or set PopTray different interval for each account. Overview The application features a simple and well-organized graphical user interface that allows you to preview and manage messages. For example, you have emails ability to check, delete or reply to an email with a single mouse click, PopTray – check for emails, as well as mark items as spam.

PopTray – check for emails

Additional configuration You can set the program to run minimized at Windows startup, PopTray – check for emails. Another way to improve the workflow is to remap mouse and keyboard shortcuts, PopTray – check for emails.

Each action may be launched with a user-defined trigger, emails you do not need to access the main for controls manually. Set for The utility check provides the possibility to define rules for organizing emails.

You are able PopTray mark urgent PopTray, automatically delete others from the server or simply ignore them. It is also necessary to note that the software launches the default email client installed on the PC for check the selected emails. If you need to recover lost electronic mail, you may use another tool called Recover My Email.

PopTray – check for emails

PopTray free to download and use; compatible for modern Windows versions; allows you to check multiple POP3 email accounts; emails is possible to define rules for organizing messages; you can remap mouse check keyboard shortcuts, PopTray – check for emails.

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