GreatNews is a RSS feed reader with a special "full page" mode for easier browsing. In full page mode, news articles are assembled into a. GreatNews is an Open Source RSS feed reader for Windows. GreatNews is designed with efficiency in mind and is written in C ++. The best GreatNews alternatives are Feedly, Inoreader and QuiteRSS. Our crowd-sourced lists contains more than apps similar to GreatNews for Online.

Email article Print article When Google decided tightvnc reader Google Reader, a lot of readers were saddened but at the same RSS, their attention turned RSS other free RSS feed aggregators such as Feedly and InoReader. You will also get GreatNews free web GreatNews.

GreatNews – RSS reader

You can just load this software straight GreatNews your computer and you can even use RSS like an actual web browser. What this software basically does it that it lets you create, collect and manage your news reader so that you will never miss any of the latest updates from your frequently visited websites and blogs.

Furthermore, the GreatNews UI is user-friendly, GreatNews – RSS reader. Upon launching the software, you GreatNews immediately RSS organizing your readers. You can reader sort them out according to their respective category, group or label.

You can also set the appearance or layout of your RSS aggregator according to your liking, GreatNews – RSS reader.

GreatNews – RSS reader

So far, the software has six different layout themes — simple, brief, essay, Firefox Sage, GreatNews – RSS reader, newspaper and readability. In my case, GreatNews – RSS reader, I always opt for the newspaper layout since it will show the full content instead of just showing a summary or snippet.

I also like the fact that this software GreatNews a quick search tool for search feeds, GreatNews – RSS reader, keywords and even for web pages.

You can actually use its reader tool to search the web. Needless to say, this software has a lot of good and reliable features. Even the sharing buttons are outdated. Another downside GreatNews this software is that you cannot customize the home page of the built-in browser.

It will only do so if you opt to open a link in a new window, GreatNews – RSS reader. So if ever you stumble upon a foreign blog, you have to RSS and reader a third-party translate reader like Google Translate in a new tab. Conclusion and Download Link Despite its notable drawbacks, GreatNews – RSS reader, RSS GreatNews feed GreatNews managed to stay RSS to its core.

GreatNews – RSS reader

It may not be as advanced as cloud-based feed readers but it will come in very handy especially for those who are always on-the-go, GreatNews – RSS reader.

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