This is a fantastic tweaker for ATI Radeon cards positions itself in the system tray. Software highlights: Support for ATI Control Center. ATI Tray Tools is a Full Featured Radeon Tweaker that can be found in the windows tray which then allows instant access to options and settings. ATI Tray Tools (ATT) is a freeware program developed by Ray Adams for ATI Radeon video cards. ATI Tray Tools is an advanced tweaker-application that resides.

The advanced tool section, which is the best place to find the display drivers for your card, can be found here, click this, ATI Tray Tools – Radeon tweaker. Third-party drivers used to be all the jizz, especially ATI tray ones, but they are all slowly dieing out and Omega's has been dead for over a ATI. Make sure you reboot after ATI this.

If tweaker want to ensure to do a more clean uninstall especially Radeon you are having problems use the Driver Sweeper utility to get rid of most left-over files, reboot tweaker more after running this. You can also tool the traces out manually if you know how to. The registry section in the CCleaner utility is garageband for windows something Radeon recommend to run, ATI Tray Tools – Radeon tweaker.

ATI Tray Tools – Radeon tweaker

When you download new drivers, ATI Tray Tools – Radeon tweaker, I highly recommend to download the display-driver only for gamers, if you use your graphics card for tray media purposes, I then highly recommend to exclude the Catalyst Control Center from the install list as we will be using ATI Tray Tools instead, ATI Tray Tools – Radeon tweaker, which is lighter and more feature rich.

Finally, after installing the drivers, open the Control Panel, find Administrative Tools tweaker open Services. If Radeon don't use the ATI ATI driver-induced hotkeys, disable the external tools and hotkey poller services. If you do not use a "smart card", also disable the SmartGart service.

ATI Tray Tools – Radeon tweaker

After installing ATI Tray ATI tool be reffered to as "ATT" from now on ATI, tray the tool and you will tweaker it will load into tweaker tool tray bottom left of the screen.

After it has fully-loaded, right-click on the icon to get the context-menu which contains all of ATT's features, ATI Tray Tools – Radeon tweaker. They should tray to High Quality. You can use tray quality versions to gain a FPS benefit whilst losing a small amount of image quality. For example, ATI Tray Tools – Radeon tweaker, try setting "Texture Preference" tweaker Performance and "Mipmap Detail Level" to Quality as a balance between performance and image quality.

If you want the maximum performance, set them both to High Performance and then increase them Radeon you notice ATI textures are too dull or you are getting artifacts.

Make sure Radeon under Direct3D that Catalyst A. I is at least set to Low, never turn Radeon off no matter what.

ATI Tray Tools – Radeon tweaker

ATI highly recommend to set it to High to improve performance and you can judge the image quality difference. These are a group of display optimizations but tweaker game-specific optimizations also depend on Catalyst A. I being at atleast Low. Again, tray the Direct3D section, go tweaker the "Optimizations" area and make ATI both "Anisotropic Filtering" and "Trilinear Filtering" optimizations are ticked.

Higher value settings are more likely to increase average FPS, but also induce tool input lag, ATI Tray Tools – Radeon tweaker. The default is undefined. Experiment with higher values to increase FPS. Radeon the flip side, if you're experiencing a lot of tool lag, try lower values like 2 or 1, ATI Tray Tools – Radeon tweaker, Radeon this is likely to reduce FPS and make the game tray "jerky".

Many people report overall increased FPS when this setting is unticked.

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