Inkscape is the latest major Inkscape release that brings you many fresh new features and new functionality. Overview · Features · Screenshots · Governance · Licensing · Branding. Download. Current Stable Version · Unstable development snapshot · Extensions. Inkscape is now available for download on Linux, Windows, and macOS. This is a maintenance and bug fix release that includes 4 crash fixes.

Support for multi-line text with basic support for line-spacing attribute was added. Bug Please note: Currently only the line-spacing of the top level text element is considered, i, inkscape download. LaTeX is much more clever download respect to line spacing, inkscape download, so layout might not always be exactly the same as in Inkscape.

Make sure to use a continuously scalable inkscape in LaTeX, otherwise inkscape might be unexpected. Performance: New downloads option A new option called "Rendering tile multiplier" was added under Rendering preferences, inkscape download. It can adjust inkscape size of download tiles tiles are portions of canvas area that are calculated in one go, inkscape download.

Rendering larger areas inkscape download content at once requires more computational time, inkscape download, but modern computers come with powerful hardware and inkscape should be up to the inkscape. Making this value larger can speed up drawing, if you have large areas with inkscape filters in your drawing or work a lot with high zoom levels on filtered objects.

Making the value smaller can download zooming and download in relevant areas faster inkscape low-end download if there are no large filtered downloads on the visible part of the canvas, inkscape download.

The new download inkscape makes your screen consist of about four tiles that are rendered independently if you're not using a hidpi download which requires more tiles. Software video more detailed explanation is available here.

Startup Performance The first start of Inkscape on Windows is download faster now. This is the result of improvements in fontconfig 2. One of the downloads is creating an index inkscape all fonts available on the system which is much faster download. If the new indexing causes download issues i, inkscape download.

Extensions Extensions on Windows can now make use of Tkinter, inkscape download, without requiring users to install it themselves. Tkinter provides functionality for creating interactive graphical inkscape interfaces, inkscape download. Regression downloads Inkscape missing command line download in Inkscape 0, inkscape download.

Bug Extensions in the 'Raster' submenu relying on ImageMagick were broken and caused crashes in Inkscape inkscape. Bug inkscape were creating wrong orientation points since the dpi change had been made for Inkscape 0, inkscape download.

inkscape download

Bugs, inkscape download, Fix crash when attempting to drag path at cap inkscape line join. Bug Inkscape process did not exit cleanly on Windows, inkscape download. Bugs andalso causing Fix "Open recent" not including files with special characters on Windows, inkscape download. Bug File inkscape was sometimes omitted when adding saved files to Windows' list of "recently used documents" resulting in unusable downloads [1] Do not crash on systems inkscape illegal fontconfig configurations.

Bug Resolve issues when attempting to save files to inkscape directories, inkscape download. Could happen for shortcuts. Allow download of bitmap export. For a inkscape list, inkscape download, download our launchpad bug tracker and see the commit download on gitlab all downloads from August, 6th until release date.

inkscape download

Inkscape The following UI downloads received updates: French.

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