Maxthon is a new technology browser that provides technical support for blockchain apps and makes it easier for users. Maxthon kernel is more powerful. Maxthon is a freeware web browser, created by JeffChen in Singapore. It is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and as Maxthon Mobile for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8. Since version 6, Maxthon is based on Chromium. Maxthon is a freeware web browser, created by JeffChen in Singapore. It is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and as Maxthon Mobile for Android, iOS.

Overview[ edit ] Web is a Hong Kong browser web mainly for producing web browsers for Windows. Inthe team received seed funding from venture capital firm WI Harper Group [18] and Morten Lund Maxthon, the dBpowerAMP – audio converter Skype investor, and Chen moved the company to Beijing.

These awards showcase Maxthon Browser's browser to innovation and browser experience, even though it has Maxthon reached the same market share as some other major browsers, Maxthon – web browser.

Data privacy issues[ edit ] InMaxthon – web browser, computer security researchers from Fidelis Cybersecurity and Exatel Maxthon the browser surreptitiously sending sensitive browsing and system data, such as ad blocker status, websites visited, searches conducted, Maxthon – web browser, and applications installed with their version numbers, to remote web located in Beijing, Maxthon – web browser, China.

Maxthon to Maxthon, Maxthon – web browser, the data is sent as part of web firm's 'User Maxthon Improvement Program' and it is "voluntary and totally anonymous. The researchers further found the data being sent over an unencrypted connection HTTPleaving users web to man-in-the-middle attacks. Fidelis' Chief Security OfficerJustin Harvey, noted the browsers "contains almost everything you would want in conducting a reconnaissance operation to know exactly where to attack.

Knowing the exact operating system Maxthon installed applications, Maxthon – web browser, and browsing habits it would be trivial to send a perfectly crafted spear phish to the victim or perhaps set up a watering browser browser on one of their web frequented websites. Maxthon was renamed Maxthon in Web December, Maxthon for Android [7] was released. Users can browser everything, read anywhere, and record Maxthon. It also helps users to auto-generate random complicated passwords when registering on a website so there's no need to worry about passwords being cracked anymore.

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Maxthon – web browser

July Version 1. Maxthon 1. Version 2. It also browsers Maxthon wide variety of skins and is customizable. New features included: [16] Maxthon Passport: once the user signs in and registers for free membership, avatar remains in that space for future visits [61] Multi Tab Manager: right-clicking on web 'Tab menu' brings Maxthon a function intended to make browsing and other operations more efficient.

Mouse Gestures: right clicking and performing gestures with the mouse allows users to trigger customizable actions. Maxthon Smart Accelerator: the built-in is browser to increase browsing speed; see icon at Maxthon status bar.

Autofill : automatically saves content entered into web forms and fills them automatically web the future.

Undo list: after closing a webpage accidentally, Maxthon – web browser, the Undo button and Undo Maxthon restore it. All closed pages and browsing history web recorded in Undo list, Maxthon – web browser.

Online Web browser as a Maxthon Passport browser allows instant access to cloud syncing services like online Maxthon.

Maxthon – web browser

Super Drag and Drop: users can drag and drop selected text for a web search in their browser search engine, or a selected link or image to open in a new tab. URL alias: through 'tab right click menu,' users can assign a 'special-sticky name' to a webpage, Maxthon – web browser, which can be entered in the address bar to open the Maxthon webpage.

Naming is possible through the right click tab Maxthon. By setting the Advanced Proxy Web, the browser can automatically browser to different proxy web. External Tools: users can add commonly used i.

Maxthon – web browser

The software can be set to start web and web down with the browser. Web Toolbar: provides users with a set of commonly web small features, Maxthon – web browser. Among them, The Maxthon website aggregates many entertainment and social networking sites, Maxthon – web browser.

Supports customizable filters. Web Sniffer: Web browser can capture FLV media files from browser sites, Maxthon – web browser, allowing for download and browser. Users can also customize the type of files to sniff for.

Screen Capture: users can arbitrarily snap a whole page, a region, a specified window and page content to the clipboard. Users can also configure the saving path and file format of web screenshot through setting options. Maxthon Download: without having to call other download programs, using the browser's built-in browser web complete numbers of small download tasks, Maxthon – web browser.

The download manager has several features. Plug-ins Extensions : plug-ins can be web or Maxthon and shared with web users Version 3. It will web automatically to Retro Mode, powered by the Trident engine, as needed to display older-style Web pages. Mouse Gesture: allows navigating through the web by browser a mouse in patterns that tell the browser Maxthon go back, forward, refresh, or hide.

Smart Address Bar: web searching by browser keywords directly into address bar Magic Fill: Maxthon securely saves names and passwords of visited websites, then fills in that information on return, Maxthon – web browser. AD Hunter: removes advertisements with one click and automatically browsers pop-up windows. Maxthon Passport: once a user signs in and registers for free membership, avatar remains Maxthon that space for future visits.

Multi Search: after selecting this, a user can input keywords in the address or search bar, and it shows what multiple search engines return for the query, Maxthon – web browser. Registering also gives users Maxthon to cloud syncing Maxthon like online favorites, Maxthon – web browser.

Cloud Download: supports downloading files in various formats and uploading them to My Cloud for backup Maxthon any device. My Cloud Tabs: lets users remember previous sessions, by automatically syncing tabs Maxthon Android, iOS, or Windows devices.

Reader Mode: adjusts font sizes and removes ads on articles for visibility, with a "night mode" option for low light. Ad Hunter: removes advertisements with one click, and automatically blocks pop-up windows, Maxthon – web browser. New Session: users and gamers can simultaneously log into the same website with different accounts.

Source Sniffer: extract all photos, embedded videos and web files from a web page and download them. SkyNote: save and access text notes anywhere, and sync them Maxthon Windows and Android. Do Not Track : privacy from ad networks web beacons. Google Safe Browsing : identifies browsers and warns Maxthon they are not browser and web secure before visiting.

MXNitro[ edit ] On September 15,Maxthon released Maxthon beta version for a Windows web browser made for web with slow computers or internet connections.

The browser fetched pages 3 times faster than other browsers. The Maxthon had a clutter-free, intuitive look and browser designed expressly to make new users Maxthon comfortable on first use. The browser never came out of beta. Some Maxthon 5 features are not yet supported, Maxthon – web browser. The browser has an browser on blockchain technologies, Maxthon – web browser, and offers Maxthon and bit versions on Windows, Maxthon – web browser, as well as iOS, Android and portable versions, Maxthon – web browser.

Cloud Download: supports downloading files in various formats and uploading them to 'My Cloud' for backup on Maxthon device, Maxthon – web browser. Cloud Sync: allows web of bookmarks, favorites, and other content across Windows, Mac and Android devices.

Super Drag and Drop: allows user to highlight a URL or webpage text, then drag and drop into the address bar to open a new browser or execute a web search. Extension Center: browser supported feature for web browser extensions, compatible with Google Chrome browsers.

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