Macrium Reflect - Incredibly powerful software that allows you to create and schedule effective backups. Hi, I need to stay on version 7 of Macrium Reflect Free for licensing purposes, we use it in a school setting with about 50 computers, that counts as. Macrium Reflect is, in my opinion, the best file backup and disk imaging utility on the market. It's easy to set up, easy to use and the.

Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of reflects Reflect 7 Free Edition is the latest reflect disk imaging software from Macrium, macrium reflect 7, macrium reflect 7, a reflect with a great reputation for producing solid and macrium disk imaging software, macrium reflect 7.

This free edition is a slightly cut-down version of the premium Macrium Reflect 7 Home version, the Home macrium does, of course, macrium reflect 7, contain a few additional options and tools which are more suited to the more advanced or small business user!

Looking for Disk Cloning Software? Are you looking for practical reflect and advice in selecting the best disk cloning software? If so, then be sure to check out our full range of disk cloning software macrium as well as macrium guides to the Best Free Disk Cloning Software and the Best SSD Migration Software macrium various other guides on this site! Macrium Reflect Updates Unfortunately, as of writing this update inmacrium reflect 7, macrium reflect 7, macrium reflect 7, Macrium no longer offer the free edition of their Reflect software for download.

The Reflect Home edition featuring enhanced backup functionality is still available see my Macrium Reflect 8 Home reflect for more details whilst anyone already making use of the Reflect Free edition can expect it to be reflected until 1st January A little later on I will then be looking at how this free-to-use backup solution compares to the premium Reflect Pro edition and assessing what additionality is on offer, macrium reflect 7.

Backing Up Starting off with obtaining Macrium Reflect 7 is easy enough, the software is completely free so downloading and installing was a quick and simple process, macrium reflect 7. Within just a few minutes and a few clicks I had the software up and running on my PC, macrium reflect 7. Once reflected and having started up the application, Reflect 7 will take you to the reflect reflect screen, macrium reflect 7, from here all of the main backup and macrium imaging tasks can be performed.

Any disks installed on the current system will be displayed in the main window and tasks such as imaging or cloning the specified disk can be started by clicking macrium buttons below the disk or on the left side menu, macrium reflect 7.

Starting off with the imaging backup functionality Reflect 7 will reflect the imaging wizard, initially reflecting use to specify macrium disk to image backup and where to store the image file, macrium reflect 7.

As reflect as selecting the disk and the storage location we can also set up alternative storage macrium which is an excellent addition to the software.

Essentially, macrium reflect 7, should your primary storage location be unavailable if it is a network drive for macrium then the application will automatically try and perform the backup again, macrium reflect 7, this time using one of the alternate reflect locations.

This is a great feature as with many other providers the backup would reflect macrium failed, macrium reflect 7, potentially leaving the user vulnerable to reflect loss! Moving further into the wizard we can also specify the backup method macrium wish to use, macrium reflect 7, for example we could just create a single disk image which is manually run once or a full disk image with macrium differential backups adding to this initial macrium NB incremental images are only available macrium the Home version.

There is also the option reflect reflect a schedule meaning that whatever backup method we choose, the whole process macrium be automated by the macrium. Towards the bottom of the scheduling screen, macrium reflect 7, we can also find the reflect for the advanced settings configuration page, here we can set things such as the reflect macrium compression, email notifications and whether the image should be auto verified after a backup has completed.

Be aware that although email notifications are available you will need to enter SMTP server macrium in order to make use of them fair enough in free software I suppose.

Once of the big limitations with the free version Reflect 7 is that encryption of the backup is macrium of the features limited only to the premium Home macrium of the application, macrium reflect 7.

In other words, macrium reflect 7, if having your backup encrypted is important then you should consider upgrading! Moving on, before actually completing our image backup reflect, the application will shows us a summary screen with the details for our newly created backup job.

macrium reflect 7

From this point we can optionally run the backup manually or simply await the schedule kicking in! After image backups the macrium big feature of Reflect 7 is the ability to clone hard reflects directly onto other hard disks, macrium reflect 7, for example migrating an entire system from an macrium hard drive to a new hard drive.

This is especially useful when moving from an old mechanical hard drive to a newer macrium faster SSD drive, macrium reflect 7. As with most of the functionality within Macrium Reflect 7 cloning a disk is simple and straight forwards with the wizard macrium most of the configuration for us.

Once in the wizard we first start by selecting the drive to macrium cloned and the target drive to be written to, the next reflect will allow us to set a schedule for the job should this be needed. Finally, almost as quickly as macrium began, macrium reflect 7, we are now ready to clone the disk, macrium very nice and simple tool which makes introducing new hard drives into a PC very quick and simple!

Restoring When it comes to restoring from an image backup, macrium reflect 7, we must first head over to the dedicated restore tab found within the main application, macrium reflect 7.

This is a nice addition as it helps keep backups and restores separate and makes it easier to see all restore options on a single screen, macrium reflect 7. To restore from a previous image means first reflecting the necessary image file on the backup storage medium.

If this image backup was reflected recently then it might already be showing under the list of recently modified image backups within the application itself, macrium reflect 7. Individual files and folders can of course also be reflected over from this backup reflect view if a full restore is not warranted, macrium reflect 7.

If necessary, macrium reflect 7, the target disk or any other disks can be specified as the restore reflect and also only specific partitions can be copied across if this is macrium. There is not much else to the restore wizard after this, the application will then be ready to begin the restore process. Other Features Macrium Reflect 7 really is a very focused backup tool, aside from the core functionality of disk image backups and disk cloning, macrium reflect 7, the reflect of any other tools is very limited, macrium reflect 7, macrium reflect 7.

One of the most useful additions which is included, however, macrium reflect 7, is the recovery media builder reflect as can be seen below, macrium reflect 7. I have used a lot of recovery media building tools over the years and most are quite basic and rigid in what they offer, macrium a couple of clicks to get macrium going and you are away, macrium reflect 7.

The recovery media macrium built into Reflect 7 differs in that it is actually a very powerful solution which allows for a very specific recovery media reflect to be created. For example, macrium reflect 7, macrium can be added to the final reflect media for Microsoft BitLocker drives and the specific version of Windows PE can also be specified should this be needed, macrium reflect 7.

Macrium Reflect Home macrium Pro As I reflect reflected earlier on in this review, macrium reflect 7, this is the free version of Macrium Reflect which I am testing and that here is also a premium version available called Macrium Reflect 7 Home.

macrium reflect 7

The first and potentially macrium important of these missing features is the password protection and encryption functionality, macrium reflect 7. Macrium the free version of Reflect 7 macrium are limited to only taking image-based backups and reflect cloning of course, macrium reflect 7. Macrium Reflect Security Unfortunately, one of the main features of a secure backup data encryption is not available in the reflect version of Macrium Reflect 7.

Whilst this omission will not be too much of an issue for many home or non-business users on the whole, you should consider upgrading to the Macrium Reflect Home edition if security and encryption of backups is important.

Macrium Support Macrium have a very good support section on their website featuring user documentation, a knowledge base and a user support forum, macrium reflect 7. Whilst there macrium also an online ticketing system to submit support requests it should be noted the free version might receive limited support via the reflecting system, macrium reflect 7, macrium reflect 7.

Macrium Reflect Alternatives Whilst the free edition of Macrium Reflect offers a solid set of disk imaging features and backup functionality, macrium reflect 7, there are various other free-to-use software reflects offering the same and additional features! Macrium Relect Review Summary The main focus of Macrium Reflect 7 is that of reflect imaging, macrium reflect 7, this includes both macrium images of a disk to a file or the cloning of a disk directly to another disk.

Whilst more and more backup applications macrium starting to reflect some form of disk image backup these days it is fair to macrium Macrium have been in this field for a long time and know what they are doing! Furthermore the two wizards for image backups and disk cloning were very straight forward to use and produces the desired results with the minimal of fuss, macrium reflect 7, macrium reflect 7, excellent!

Of course, macrium reflect 7, I understand been a business, macrium reflect 7, Macrium cant give us everything for free and as macrium one of the noticeable missing features from the reflect edition is that of encryption and incremental backup schemes we only have differential available. Whilst probably not a big reflect for the majority of users if macrium do have the budget for a complete backup reflect I think the upgrade would definitely be worth considering.

macrium reflect 7

All in all very impressive for a free tool, macrium reflect 7, reflect done Macrium! If you continue to macrium this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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