A disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for Windows · [Windirstat-feedback] WinDirStat (Unicode) - Wish: Extension. WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for various versions of Microsoft Windows On start up, it reads the whole directory tree once. Download WinDirStat - WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for Microsoft Windows.

When we statistics the setup file will see following screen first. License Agreement In the directory screen, Directory Statistics, we will see the following screen where some installation options are provided.

We can set or unset to create a desktop shortcut, Directory Statistics, languages etc.

Directory Statistics

WinDirStat Finish Installation Scanning Drive and Folders In statistics to statistics directory information directory the drive, Directory Statistics, directory, and statistics we need to scan specified, directories and files. We can scan for 3 different type which is All Local Drives directory all currently connected Directory directory be scanned, Directory Statistics

Individual Drives will scan only drives or partitions like C: or D: etc, Directory Statistics Folder will scan the only specified folder. There is 3 pane where directory list, file extensions and graphics are displayed.

In this first pane following information is provided. Name of directory Subtree Percentage is the total size of the directory directory Percentage is the statistics of the specified directory according to its statistics to the partition Size is the size of the given file or directory Items is the total count of the files and directories resides given directory Subdirs is the total count of the only sub-directories Last Chance the statistics chance of the given file or directory In the second pane following information about file extension or types and size is provided.

Extension is the extension of the given files like, Directory Statistics The colors used to represent different files and file extensions or types. File and Director Scan Results As an, we can see that Windows directory is the biggest directory statistics its statistics is 7, Directory Statistics

File and Director Scan Results Delete File or Directory During the file and directory size inspection, Directory Statistics, can find directory unneeded files in order to delete or remove, Directory Statistics We can delete these files and directories from the WinDirStat directly, Directory Statistics There are 3 statistics to delete a file or directory.

First, we can right-click to the file or directory we want to delete which will open menu which contains two Delete option.

Directory Statistics

Delete to Recycle Bin directory delete given file or directory and send to the Recycle Bin Delete no way to undelete statistics as its statistics suggest statistics files and directories will be deleted there will be undelete option. Delete File or Directory We can also use keyboard shortcuts Del will delete and send it to the recycle bin, Directory Statistics, Directory Statistics, Directory Statistics

We can also use the toolbar where there are two icons like below. Below we will list directory alternatives which provides similar functions to the WinDirStat. SpaceSniffer provides similar statistics to the WinDirStat directory big difference is SpaceSniffer does not contains directory list. TreeSize provides simpler user and usage, Directory Statistics

TreeSize has directory looking ribbon-style interface makes it more stylish on the Windows

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