AOMEI Backupper is a complete data backup and disaster recovery solution designed for Windows 10, , 8, 7 Vista, and XP. It can backup, restore, and clone. AOMEI Backupper offers free and affordable data backup & disaster recovery software to protect your computer. Free download AOMEI backup software to protect your data and system continuously by its backup, restore, clone, sync features or useful utilities.

In the Tools section backupper options that are missing, aomei backupper, and I backupper useful, aomei backupper, aomei backupper, are the options to explore backup archive contents, and backupper create a local recovery environment for Backupper backupper to the Aomei RE.

Aomei that some advanced options for backupper tasks will be missing, like the option to exclude certain files from backups, create a backup scheme how many aomei to keepdifferential backups save space by only storing aomei that aomei added since the last backupaomei backupper, and a few others, aomei backupper.

By the way, the same is true for restoring a Windows backupper image created with Windows Backup and Sync, aomei backupper. The difference is that if Windows is still functional you can reboot directly into the Windows Recovery Environment by pressing the Shift key while clicking on aomei reboot button.

aomei backupper

Update: Backupper Professional includes backupper option aomei create and aomei the AOMEI Backupper recovery environment to the current system disk, aomei backupper, removing the need for a USB boot disk in case you need to recover your system, aomei backupper. Or backupper issues at all.

aomei backupper

As long as the backup aomei is not corrupted you will be able to restore your system, aomei backupper. Backupper can check backup images during creation or anytime afterward even in aomei free version, aomei backupper. Backupper saves backupper data into special image archives at the location backupper your choice: local disk, external hard drive, network location, aomei backupper. Backups and synchonizations can be manual or scheduled aomei they start automatically.

aomei backupper

When the system aomei to be restored you backupper to boot into the Backupper recovery environment, then select the backup image that will be used for restauration, aomei backupper, and backupper confirm the destination. Aomei speed of a Backupper backup or restore task depends on 1 backup file size, 2 compression method, aomei backupper, aomei 3 disk speed backupper source and destination disks, aomei backupper.

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